Movies and Music for Halloween

"Young Frankenstein"
Why? Peter Boyle mumbling "Puttin' on the Ritz", Marty Feldman's mobile hump, and Madeline Kahn (as if that's not enough by itself).
"Rocky Horror Picture Show"
Gotta love Susan Sarandon nearly naked, Tim Curry in a garter belt, and Meatloaf on a hog.
"Motel Hell"
One line: "What's in them there sausages?"
"The Exorcist"
Pea soup, spinning heads, and lots of trouble with stairs.& Rent the original, or go to a real theater and see the re-release and its gloriously gory new footage.
"The Shining"
"Here's Johnny!" Be sure to get Jack's original, not the Steven Weber TV remake. The TV version is more frightening, though, because some studio exec actually thought it was a good idea.
Two words - Jamie Lee.
May be Stephen King's best. Almost scared us out of attending the prom (no, really, it wasn't that we didn't have a date).
We didn't sleep for several nights after this one. Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman are electric. Kevin Spacey is beyond creepy.
"Cape Fear"
The Gregory Peck/Robert Mitchum classic or the Nick Nolte/Robert DeNiro remake This one will keep you awake, too... and on dry land.
It re-ignited the genre with a cast that runneth over with young Hollywood.
Halloween is almost here - it's that magical time to let loose and enjoy the
Fall Holiday Spirit. If you're planning a party, or just getting dressed for the occasion, why not put on some Fright Songs to help you get in the mood? We asked our ghoulish pals to see what Boo-tiful Tunes they find Spooky. Here's what we "Dug Up":
Monster Mash - Bobby Pickett & the Crypt-Kickers
...It was a graveyard Smash!
Werewolves of London - Warren Zevon
...Hear him howling 'round your kitchen door.
Maxwell's Silver Hammer - Beatles
...came down on his head.
Boris the Spider - The Who
...Maybe he's as scared as me!
The Blob - The Five Blobs, written by Burt Bacharach
...It creeps and leeps!
Superstition - Stevie Wonder
...If you believe in things you don't understand, you'll suffer.
Addams Family Theme - Vic Mizzy
...They're creepy and their kooky, mysterious and spooky!
GhostBusters - Ray Parker, Jr.
...Who ya gonna call?
Dragula - Rob Zombie
...Burn through the Witches.
Time Warp - Rocky Horror Soundtrack
...It's the pelvic thrust that really drives you insane.
I Put a Spell on You - Screamin' Jay Hawkins
...'cause your mine!
Zombie Zoo - Tom Petty
...You look like Boris Karloff, and you don't even care.
Eye of the Zombie - John Fogerty
...If he's already dead.
Haunted House - Jumpin' Gene Simmons Geddins
...Don't be here when the morning comes!...
Frankenstein - Edgar Winter Group
Instrumental with gut-wrenching guitar solo.
Black Magic Woman - Santana
...She's trying make a Devil out of me.
Freaks Come out at Night - Whodin Hutchins/Smith
The perfect sentiment for ending this goulish day!
Welcome to My Nightmare - Alice Cooper
...I hope I didn't scare you... We sweat and laugh and scream here!